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Who is La Galli?

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La Galli is a one-of-a-kind singer/songwriter with a spellbinding voice, contagious melodies, and lyrics that paint pictures, tell stories, and evoke nostalgia.  La Galli’s show is in constant metamorphosis and is magical in any format.  She has enraptured audiences with the raw beauty of her voice and ukulele at intimate events, in an acoustic duo under palm trees at the beach, with a three to seven piece energetic band in clubs and bars, and with the 30 piece Philharmonic Orchestra of El Salvador at a sold out event at the National Theater in the center of San Salvador.  With any backing arrangement, La Galli’s concerts showcase her eclectic catalog of countless original songs with select covers that are presented in an irreplicable style that makes them her own.


La Galli’s debut single, Pescado Frito, a homesick homage to the warm beaches of El Salvador, is regularly played on radio stations in El Salvador and has thousands of streams on digital platforms.  Her second single, Camisa Amarilla, which tells the story of a secret encounter, was nominated for best arrangement at Premios503, El Salvador’s national music awards ceremony.  Un Rancho y un Lucero, her third single, is an original musical arrangement of a timeless Salvadoran poem written by Alfredo Espino, and has been met with acclaim.


In addition to a regular schedule of live events, La Galli continues to write, record, and release new music and content.  Her newest material can be heard live in concert, in live radio performances, and seen on her social media.  Recordings of her new material are released each month on digital platforms.

Songs and Videos

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“Freshness, relaxation, nostalgia and simplicity, are part of the sensations that La Galli provokes in each one of her songs… Her melodies, as contagious as her laughter and her voice. A mix that undoubtedly guarantees to conquer anyone who listens to it for the first time…” - La Prensa Gráfica


“A deep and sweet voice…manages to penetrate the walls of nostalgia.” - TuIndie Magazine


"...what a beautiful voice! … the ukulele sounds marvelous. Impressive!…” - Radio La Tribu


"She is doing very good things... someone with a lot of talent doing very beautiful things" - Radio La Klave


"A mixture of rhythms, sounds, and sensations..." - Diario El Salvador


"In the melodies and rhythms of La Galli... the influence of indie pop, R&B and bachata is noticeable, due to the Latin diversity present in the daily life of the artist in the Bronx..." - El Diario de Hoy


The song Camisa Amarilla was nominated in the category of “best arrangement” at Premios503, El Salvador’s national music awards ceremony.  

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Teatro Nacional de San Salvador (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra of El Salvador

Renaissance style theater constructed in 1911

400 seats SOLD OUT


Teatro Nacional de Santa Ana (Santa Ana, El Salvador)

Concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra of El Salvador

Theater constructed in 1910

Club La Dalia (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Art Nouveau billiards hall, bar, and concert space.

La Guitarra (El Tunco, El Salvador)

Beachfront music venue at one of El Salvador's most famous beaches.

Plaza Kalpataru (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra of El Salvador

Intimate dinner concert

75 seats SOLD OUT


Wipeout Surfhouse (El Zonte, El Salvador)

Beachfront music venue at one of El Salvador's most famous beaches.

Jaguar House (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Intimate concert space with dinner.

Casa de Safo (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Outdoor stage at feminist cultural space.

Talea Taproom (Brooklyn, New York)

Beerhall and Taproom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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La Galli presents: Cariño Mio

A full one hour concert complete with nine original songs and four covers with no intermission, first played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of El Salvador at the Teatro Nacional of San Salvador at a sold out show, and currently on tour at the National Theaters of El Salvador.

Concerts available with the Philharmonic Orchestra in El Salvador and Central America.  Sheet music and arrangements for double bass, cello, viola, violin 2 and violin 1 available for collaboration with orchestras outside El Salvador.

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